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About Us

Established by Yi Shuang Enterprise Co., Ltd, a company with thirty-year business experience in Europe and North America, in 2015, "mini ease" is brand aiming to explore new cultural value by creating products for our everyday life. EASE has meanings such as comfort, relief, and relax ways of behaving; MINI implies: micro, a little, and minimal; mini ease hopes to provide comfortable quality of life by adapting/applying minimal design actions. Corresponding to the idea, the Chinese characters of the brand are to represent “vividly(奕)” and “thought(思)”: to cherish the value of vivid life and meaningful contemplation little by little. mini ease values the uniqueness of everyday life, the slowness, and the complex relationships between human and objects. mini ease selects brands overseas and bring their values to Taiwan . Meanwhile, adapting sustainable ideas and craftsmanships, mini ease now researches its own products to reach the deep parts of living culture.

歡迎想要直接觸摸商品的朋友到 mini ease 位於台北市民權東路三段的選物工作室感受想購買的物品~


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